A list of my favourite web apps/ mobile apps and other internet services . This list is current as at April 2013 – as with all things internet this list evolves over time, so be sure to bookmark it and come back in a few months.


  • Remember The Milk
    Best day-to-day task manger by a mile, especially once you’ve learnt keyboard shortcuts
  • Evernote
    Best place to store links, snippets, notes and screenshots. Excellent mobile functionality too
  • Asana
    havent used this one as much but recently researched all the project collaboaration apps and this one stood out
  • Workflowy
    Excellent project overview visualizer. Also encourages breaking daunting tasks into smaller subtasks
  • Instapaper
    I put this into the GTD category as having a one-click place to save things to read later is essential for undistracted periods of work during the working day. Used to use ReaditLAter, but Instapaper integrates with Kindle which is super awesome.


    Connect up all your different online accounts to streamline notifications and triggers. A very clever and slick site like Yahoo Pipes but simpler. A blow when Twitter dropped them, but still got huge value
  • Hootsuite
    The best twitter client dashboard by far, especially if you manage several Twitter accounts like I do. Also got integration with all the other major players: Facebook, Linkedin, GooglePlus et al
  • Lulu.com
    Best platform for self-publishing and selling your book. Have used it with success
  • WordPress
    I’ve used both Blogger and WordPress and altho Blogger easier I prefer the flexibility of WordPress, and also prefer not tying in every single thing I run with Google. This blog is a WordPress blog :)
  • Mailchimp
    Best mailing list manager. Wow, the slick interface is a lesson in UI design.
  • Mention.net
    Need to keep track of whose mentioning you round the interwebs? This is Google Alerts on steroids!


  • Wikipedia
    The world doesnt know how blessed it is to have this free resource. Everyone should donate. Yes, the facts are not all 100% perfect but compared to the corporate and lobbyist Bullsh*t we’re fed, its a lot more perfect.
  • TED Talks
    If you’ve never been inspired by the free TedTalks you’re missing out.

Chrome Extensions

  • Instapaper
    As mentioned above – 1 click “read it later’ functionality.
  • Email this page
  • Evernote
  • Chrome to Paper
  • Search Current Site
  • Color Picker
  • Insert Text
  • Built With
  • Meta SEO inspector

iPhone Apps (see my iphone App tag)

  • Evernote
  • Fastever
  • Dilbert
  • Shazam
  • Torch
  • Snapseed


  • Techcrunch
  • This isnt happiness


  • This Week in Google
  • Triangulation
  • Nic Radio


  • Chess.com
  • Codecademy
  • Bitcoin

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