My iPhone Apps – part 2

February 1, 2011

Let me continue with reviewing my current iPhone Apps. This is screen 2 of my iphone. For part 1/screen 1 see my previous post.

This is one of those Countdown widgets. I’m not a person who particularly likes work, so I’ve always gotta have a scheduled holiday somewhere ahead.  My only gripe with this app is that the icon only updates the number of days after clicking on it – this should be seemless.

Purchased this app after reading reviews that it was the best alarm clock app. A really neat feature is that you can set it as a shake-activated torch too -> just reach for it in the night, shake, and you’ve got light. However, I’ve got quite a few gripes – the time display for during the night is too bright. Also it seems to chow batteries. I’m not using it at the mo.

This folder is crammed with its own apps – so I’ll cover those individually in another post.

Who doesn’t track their weight these days? If you’re lucky enough not to have to, please email me your secret. Very happy with this app -> simple, slick and has BMI calculations too.

The best of the Flickr Apps that I can find. Still got a quirk or 2 though – if you scroll down to see further pics, it is difficult to get back to the first page.

I like to track my daily workouts and meditation sessions. The verdict is still out on this one. Its got great features but they could really have done with some basic KISS  (Keep It Simple Stupid) principles. Way overly complicated – I dont want to learn all the different ninja levels or 5 millions settings for reminders. …undecided.

The best Twitter client period. After comparing a lot of desktop twitter clients (tweetdeck et al) I remain convinced that Hootsuite is the best. Especially if you manage multiple twitter accounts like me. And their iPhone app is right up there too. Super Slick.

Awesome in theory, but in practice I often find the info extremely slow to load. OK, so that’s South African bandwidth for you, but, HELLOOO, this is a South African App…

The best daily comic hands down! Also found this a bit slow to load, but has picked up its pace lately.

In all likelihood you have this app on your phone too (unless you’re NOT one of the 600 million users), so you really don’t need my review.

I’m a seriously obsessive Listophile. I must have at least 40 lists under my control at any time. Wishlist, Places to go Lists, Books-to-read lists etc. etc. etc.  It has always been critical for me to be able to prioritise my lists and until recently I used Excel and GDoc Spreadsheets for my lists (with their SORT function). And then along came this dedicated List manager. ALWAYS ON ME! I’m a very happy chappy.

I’ve got most of the iPhones native/compulsory Apps hidden away in this folder. I dont use a lot of them and tuck them here to protect screen real estate.

COMING soon…


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