11 June 2013
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NET PROPHET 2013 – my thoughts

30 May 2013

Yeah, yeah I know – Cape Town’s 2013 Net Prophet event was 7 days ago already – ancient history on the interwebs. So if you’re wanting cutting-edge (kneejerk?) as-it-happens tweets then this article isn’t for you.  Personally I still like things to bounce around and digest in my mind for more insightful opinions to emerge. […]

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Franschhoek Weekend

24 May 2013

In whats becoming an annual pilgramage for Michelle & I, we hit Franschoek last weekend for the Franschhoek Literary Festival. Mich was more serious about the talks than me, but Franschoek is an awesome destination regardless of the excuse. Especially in Autumn!       We worked out that for the past 12 years we’ve […]

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KGALAGADI TRIP Part 3 – A stop at Augrabies

15 May 2013

The trip so far: Part 1 Part 2   We had no fixed plans or itinerary (which we’re fast learning is the best way to travel) so we decided on the way home from Kgalagadi to stop over at Augrabies Falls National Park as it was only 28km off the N14.  I had only heard […]

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KGALAGADI TRIP part 2 – Mata Mata, Nossob, Twee Rivieren

12 May 2013

So after 3 days into our journey we reached The Kgalagadi. You can see Part 1 of my photo essay here.   We spent 8 nights in the Park, and the game viewing was spectacular. Highlights included 7 separate lion sightings, one which was just after a kill.   We also had 4 separate Cheetah sightings, […]

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10 May 2013

Got back a few days ago from my Kgalagadi trip and although the Transfrontier Park itself was the focus of the trip, we always travel with the philosophy that the journey starts from home. We weren’t disappointed.   The 1st night we opted to stay at a reasonably priced private nature reserve in the Cedarberg […]

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Africa Burn – Old pics

19 April 2013

With Afrikaburn 2013 starting in less than a week I thought I’d post some of my old Afrikaburn Pics – specifically my 2011 pics as last year I was in Motorbike mode, not photography mode. After 4 years on the trot, I wont be going to Afrikaburn this year. I’m goin to Kgalagadi to see […]

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Bitcoin: The Next Step in the Evolution of Money

10 April 2013

Bitcoin is difficult to get your head around. But the general confusion invariably boils down to questions like “But what is it linked to?” and comments like: “It’s just too abstract”. Lets look at the abstraction part. If there is one process that has defined the evolution of money since the beginning of time, it […]

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Bitcoin: Political Ramifications

1 April 2013

If and when Bitcoin becomes a mainstream issue, it is going to undoubtedly throw a cat amongst the political pigeons… and doves… and hawks. To show what I’m saying I’m going to use the excellent Nolan Chart depicting the different streams in US political thought as plotted against the axes of “Belief in Personal Freedom” […]

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Bitcoin: Prepare for the next Revolution

30 March 2013

If you haven’t heard about Bitcoin yet – the new “opensource” digital currency – brace yourself, because you’re gonna! The actual mechanics of Bitcoin are fairly technical to grasp at first but explaining them is not within the scope of this, my first article on the matter. Lots has been written elsewhere and there is […]

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