Remember the milk – Review

April 22, 2010

WEBAPP:  To Do list and task manager


HOW MUCH I USE IT: All day, every working day (power user)


  • Slick, clean interface
  • Online & offline (G Gears) enabled (and apps for every device you can think of including Google Calendar integration)
  • Superb task tagging
  • Excellent keyboard shortcuts (you absolutely must use these!)
  • Excellent search + ability to save “smart” searches


  • Honestly, I wouldn’t describe anything as a con. See below though for my New Feature Wishlist


I’ve been a passionate ToDo list user for over 10 years, and tried loads of systems. Prior to Remember the Milk, I used the Franklin Covey Plan Plus system which integrated with MS Outlook. Yes, that was very good, but I get more done with the Remember the Milk, and also I switched from Outlook to Mozilla Thunderbird. For many years prior to that, I kept my own elaborate task list  in an Excel spreadsheet. Highly customisable, but messy, and complicated. Also dabbled with BaseCamp for a while – good for collaboration, but Remember the Milk also has collaboration features and I’d rather keep all my tasks (own and shared) in 1 spot. Actually Remember The Milk/Basecamp integration has been motivated by many people in the thriving RTM forum.

I still carry an A5 paper book and pen around with me wherever I go, but thats really for scribbling ideas and notes. If there’s a ToDo in there, I transfer it into RememberTheMilk. I was excited when Google came out with their task list, but it is way too lightweight for me. In fact I’m surprised Google has never considered a Remember The Milk acquisition.


  • More granular “priority” control say 1-to-5 rather than 1-t0-3
  • Beefing up of Collaboration facility. It’s good but for power users needs a little tweaking
  • Been able to view tasks in order of “when added”


5 Star rating for Remember The Milk ReviewURL:

Disclosure: I received no incentive from Remember the Milk to write this post.

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