Signals & the lack thereof

May 23, 2011

afrika-burn-2011full set of pics

Afrikaburn is unlike anything else (except maybe Burning Man in the US). All of your senses are blasted on every front. All of your concepts of society are blown out the water. Many people have called it a “life-changing” experience.

As such it is difficult to pinpoint the big things that make this event stand out so much. You could site the amazingly bizzare artworks. Or the unbelievable minimalism of the desert setting. Or all the people, inhibitive-free in their dazzling get ups. Or the often incomprehensible total lack of any commercial agendas. Or just the vibe that pervades – incredible freedom and love.

But I reckon there is another little factor, pretty much unnoticed and invisible.  Actually, its more its absence that is such a big part of the whole event Рif it were present it would change all behaviour:  cell signal.

There aren’t many places you can go anymore that have zero cellphone reception. And ardently hope that a few of these pockets remain. They should be declared and fought for, on a par with wild-life sanctuaries.

Picture Afrikaburn with full cell phone reception: Nobody would be fully present – forever dipping into the parallel digital world – eyes on little screens, minds occupied, thumbs texting. The rest of the world & its nasty influence would be streaming through 24/7, every second of the day. Stress would pervade like a digital mist. A large part of the Afrikaburn atmosphere would be totally ruined.

Something very special disappeared from Mount Everest’s summit recently. The first tweet was made from the very top. Insignificant you might think, but to me a part of the pristine sanctity of the summit has now somehow been violated.

Lets pray to the godz that Tankwa Town never gets coverage…

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