The day the Atlantic Ocean Occupied Wall Street

November 2, 2012


Today’s announcement by NY Mayor Bloomberg that he is now backing Obama for the election is huge. I’ve been following Bloomberg closely for the past year, especially after the Occupy Wall Street movement. This is a huge shift for mayor Bloomburg who has a Republican background and has always been a staunch supporter of Corporate America.

What caused the shift? In his own words – Super Storm Sandy. The effects of global warming finally struck home and on that card there is no doubt that the Deomcrats have a better record than the Republicans.

I watched the pictures of the Atlantic Ocean flooding onto the floor of the New York Stock Exchange a few days ago. Maybe it was Nature’s own Occupy Wall Street that finally got the message home. It has finally placed Global Warming at the center of US Politics, where it belongs. In fact (if and) when Obama is announced President next week, Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement could well prove to have been the pivot point of the whole lead up to the election.

The “Trickle Down Effect” takes on a new level of reality: Ocean water trickling into the heart of Corporate America; Global Warming trickling into the heart of American politics. So huge a symbolic moment is rare. Lets hope it will go down as a defining moment in the fight against Global Warming too…


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