The Google Algorithm – Sublime parody!

July 17, 2010

I’ve already tweeted this but it is so good that I think it deserves a quick blog post too.

I’ve done a lot of Google-Bashing in the past months, but must give credit where it is due. So here goes:

Step 1: Read this excellent  article from the New York Times in its entirety. It’s a very good article in its own right and worth the eyeball time.

Step 2: Once finished Step 1 (and ONLY then) read  this article by respected international SEO guru Danny Sullivan.

Man this is phenomenal! To give you an idea how phenomenal it is – I have over 3000 bookmarks in my Delicious account. Three years ago, I started a “5star” tag. To date only about 20 of my bookmarks got the 5 Star tag. This article by Danny Sullivan (but only after reading article 1) got the big 5 STARS!

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