January 20, 2016

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This is Dave R – a guy I made best friends with when I was 17. We are still best buddies.

Dave and I have been through all sorts of wild times, kak, and parties together. He still has a stone in his elbow from when we wiped-out on my motorbike 30 years ago. We smoked boat loads of weed together in our youth, shared many a bottle of whisky and hitched 1000s of miles.

Dave is an upstanding man. A hooligan in his youth, he focused more on surfing and cricket than academia. I seem to remember he even got expelled somewhere along the line. In high school he reached provincial level in cricket. He passed his skills successfully on to his son (my godson), who boasts Neil McKenzie as one of his bowling scalps.

Dave has been married for over 20 years, never divorced, and put 2 kids through University. He hasn’t drunk for way more than a decade.

Dave lives in Pretoria now but every year we have our Old Boys Reunion (comprising 2 club members in total) and the pic above is when we visited Two Ocean’s Aquarium last year (having reached the temporary conclusion that our previous fishing trips were so unlucky that at least this way we would see fish 🙂

Dave is not on Facebook. We don’t depend on social media to keep our brotherhood alive. I salute you Mr R.


PS: Dave is not my only close friend who has has decided not to be part of the Facebook cacophony. I salute you other guys too. You know who u are 🙂


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