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Happy Full Moon To You

December 10, 2011


The pic is of a beach looking towards Chapman’s Peak. Made on my iPhone with the apps: 100 Cameras & Camerabag. You can see some of my other iPhone pics here

oh, and tonight is Full Moon.






My total iPhone App count is now 86, and this one I discovered 2 days ago has to be in the top 3!  WordFoto .

You can see my full set of WordFoto pics here:

Can’t stop playing with it…


My iPhone Apps – part 3

10 March 2011

Part 1 Part 2 Part 2b In this ongoing series on my iPhone4 apps – I present my 3rd screen:   You may notice by now that the best/most useful apps get to screen 1 and screen 2, so please bear with me as 3 onwards might include some dogs. WEATHER PRO This is a […]

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My iPhone Apps – part 2b

22 February 2011

In the continuation of my posts reviewing all my iPhone apps, I’ve called this part “2b”, because the apps here are not part of  my 3rd screen, but rather the expanded contents of my “Reference Folder” from my iphone screen 2. WIKIPEDIA Awesome, slick app. And it’s great to have on you at all times […]

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My iPhone Apps – part 2

1 February 2011

Let me continue with reviewing my current iPhone Apps. This is screen 2 of my iphone. For part 1/screen 1 see my previous post. DAYS UNTIL This is one of those Countdown widgets. I’m not a person who particularly likes work, so I’ve always gotta have a scheduled holiday somewhere ahead.  My only gripe with […]

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My iphone apps – Part 1

17 January 2011

I’m a sucker for apps. As of right now I have 54 apps on my iPhone 4. So its time to review them. Screen 1 will be part 1 – then I’ll do screen 2, 3 and 4 as separate parts. (I’m not reviewing the standard iphone utilities eg camera, calendar etc). HIPSTAMATIC Great effects […]

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