In case you were wondering… no, this is not my day-job website. Its just a place where I hang out and air my views on anything that comes into my head. Which means that this site is pretty much 100% profit motive free.


I have a wildly eclectic background, including a Business degree and a Philosophy degree.

My “dayjob” websites are:

Boring stuff, but I concentrate mainly on UI, design, strategy, conceptualisation & SEO which I find reasonably stimulating. The SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) part of my work is the motivation behind my handle at many social sites Р@SeekGeek.

Some other things about me:

  • Compulsive photographer
  • Heavy-Duty RSS consumer
  • Google Watcher
  • Wild Environment Lover & Hiker
  • Meditation practitioner
  • Always-ready-for-a-game Chess Player (Play me)
  • Amatuer Philosopher
  • Occasional Conspiracy Theorist
  • Wannabee Best Selling Author

Here are some of my favourite web services and apps

I live in the beautiful city of Cape Town after semi-grating from Durban 10 years ago. I also spent a few years in Europe.

You can catch me at these places too:

I also have a Facebook account but reserve that for friends I know IRL*



*In Real Life

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