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Google X logo

Above is the logo for Google’s innovation wing – Google X. The logo – known as “Solve for x” –  is essentally a challenge to the world by Sergey Brin and co.

Below is a solution I came up with:

Solved for Bitcoin

“x = B”

Now, if only Sergey and co. walked the walk…

Bitcoin represents a revolutionary genuine solution to a genuine problem that materially affects every person on earth. With Google’s backing bitcoin would be unstoppable.


Google Authorship Diagram



11 June 2013
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The Case for Google Reader

11 March 2013

UPDATE: Wow, was this post prescient or what! I posted this on 11 March. 2 days later Google officially announces the closure of Google Reader. And, just as I predicted below, there’s a virulent backlash amongst current Google Reader users. Hey Google, you wanna hire me for strategy brainstorming? ORIGINAL POST: The “RSS is dead” […]

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The Outernet

19 June 2012
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10 April 2012

Having been an avid Google-Watcher for over 10 years now (and Adwords payer for nearly as long), my biggest gripe with the big G can be explained by the 10 year evolution of the Number 1 Search Results Page. Back when Brin & Page were still genuine, outside-the-box geeks all that appeared on the page […]

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Overwhelmed by Google Analytics – Lessons Learned

3 February 2012

Managing over 14 000 keywords on Google Adwords as I do, is a formidable task. So formidable that I kind of gave up on it for a while, but have recently dived back in.  All of Google’s products are becoming increasingly complicated – Adwords, Analytics and Webmaster Tools. There is just too much information and […]

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Google schizophrenia: Customised User Sessions with a One-size-fits-all service

13 January 2012

“Search Plus Your World” is Google’s latest play to promote Google+. Basically your personal search results will now be mashed up with topical references from your Google+ stream (unless you opt-out) As usual “personalisation” for improved results is the Google mantra and rationale behind the changes. However, on the other end of the continuum Google […]

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Atrocious timing by Facebook

27 September 2011

Yes, we all know that the world cringes at Facebook interface changes. We also know that over the long run changes will always be necessary. Most importantly, we know that after about a month has past, the dust over the uproar settles and the world will be happily embedded in the new Facebook. But I […]

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Google – the empire built on a habit.

4 April 2011

“Googling” – a recognised verb which entered the English language nearly a decade ago. The act of googling itself was a habit that became entrenched at around about the same time (which is what led to the ubiquity of the word in the first place). Looking for something on the web? Google it. An entrenched […]

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