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Today’s announcement by NY Mayor Bloomberg that he is now backing Obama for the election is huge. I’ve been following Bloomberg closely for the past year, especially after the Occupy Wall Street movement. This is a huge shift for mayor Bloomburg who has a Republican background and has always been a staunch supporter of Corporate America.

What caused the shift? In his own words – Super Storm Sandy. The effects of global warming finally struck home and on that card there is no doubt that the Deomcrats have a better record than the Republicans.

I watched the pictures of the Atlantic Ocean flooding onto the floor of the New York Stock Exchange a few days ago. Maybe it was Nature’s own Occupy Wall Street that finally got the message home. It has finally placed Global Warming at the center of US Politics, where it belongs. In fact (if and) when Obama is announced President next week, Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement could well prove to have been the pivot point of the whole lead up to the election.

The “Trickle Down Effect” takes on a new level of reality: Ocean water trickling into the heart of Corporate America; Global Warming trickling into the heart of American politics. So huge a symbolic moment is rare. Lets hope it will go down as a defining moment in the fight against Global Warming too…



I am not an American citizen. I live far away. However American politics ultimately affects me along with everyone else on the planet. So I watch whats going on from the outside and am often very puzzled with what I see.

In my opinion the OccupyWallStreet movement is well overdue. And I’m hoping it can bring about much needed change. I also appreciate people within the movement who say it’s not about right wing or left wing leanings – its about the 99% versus the 1%.

Whether you agree with the Occupy movement or not is up to you. But what I can’t understand is how any US citizen that believes in the Occupy movement can continue to vote Republican. The single most obvious and practical step to level the playing fields between the 99% and the 1% is to tax the 1% more.  Always has been. It’s not rocket science.

Only a short while ago, however, I watched as the US government came up with solutions to reign in its massive deficit. Amongst the Democrats proposals was higher taxes on the rich.  But the Republicans would have nothing of it. So vehemently were they opposed to higher taxes on the rich, that they held Obama over a barrel until the last minute – effectively sabotaging the country’s credit rating in the process.

No wonder then that the big Banksters (the ones who caused the mess in the first place) would love for the Republicans to win. Just look at who is funding the leading Republican candidates – Mitt Romney’s -campaign and you will see that it is basically bought and paid-for by the Big Banks.

I’m also aware that the Democrats haven’t done enough to reign in the banks.  But when you put the two parties side to side its clear who the better of the two is in this regard.

So it is all good and dandy that anybody can support the Occupy movement – but please American Occupiers, next time you vote, please “OccupyYourBrains” first.  Your votes do count you know…




5 Concrete demands of Occupy Wall Street

19 October 2011

Whilst Corporate-backed Big Media try to paint the international Occupy movement into a chaotic, left-wing hole – some very bright people within the movement are coming up with solid and practical solutions: 1. Break up the monopolies. The so-called “Too Big to Fail” financial companies – now sometimes called by the more accurate term “Systemically […]

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Quotes for #Occupy Wall Street

17 October 2011

One thing everybody can agree on – we’re living in exciting times. The global Occupy Wall Street movement has been a long time coming. Many of the sentiments emanating from the slogans and placards will resonate for decades to come. As an avid collector of Quotable Quotes here are some quotes from Pre-OccupyWallStreet which I […]

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The scary, yet overlooked truth about the Euro crisis.

3 October 2011

“As they paraded out of their summit chamber late Thursday to hail their new €xxx billion ($xxx billion) debt deal for Greece, Europe’s leaders all wore bullish I-told-you-so expressions, aimed squarely at the doubters who questioned whether there was any political will left to save the beleaguered euro from oblivion.” If you’ve been following the […]

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Oh, the irony…

11 August 2011

Who ever thought they’d see the day that the South African govt. would warn its citizens that travelling to the UK at the present time might be dangerous because of out-of-control riots and looting ???

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Celebrity Power

30 July 2011

Don’t get me wrong, I think Amy Winehouse was an exceptionally talented musician and the world will be poorer without her, but its worth noting how 1 death can seize the Google-searching world’s collective attention far more powerfully than the simultaneous, and totally bizarre, 77 deaths in Norway whose perpetrator takes the bottom two slots […]

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Shell’s fracking propaganda

2 April 2011

  Twitter hashtag search on #fracking. Shell purchasing promoted tweets through their puppet Chesapeake Energy to try block anti fraking activists who dont want the Karoo to be ruined by greedy plundering corporates.

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12 December 2010

…enough said

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10 September 2010

(on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary and possible public burning of a Koran, I submit what  life has taught me thus far…) “A” and “the” – two seemingly innocuous words. Two words used so often that, according to Wikipedia “the” holds number one spot of most commonly used English words, whilst “a” is ranked […]

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