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From one of my favourite tumblers (the guy is a genius)

Social Media Addiction


The Outernet

June 19, 2012


Atrocious timing by Facebook

27 September 2011

Yes, we all know that the world cringes at Facebook interface changes. We also know that over the long run changes will always be necessary. Most importantly, we know that after about a month has past, the dust over the uproar settles and the world will be happily embedded in the new Facebook. But I […]

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The Face(book) of De-Personalization

11 November 2010

Facebook has been my on my radar quite a bit the past week. And I’m not talking about activity in my personal Facebook account – but more of an outside, philosophical view of the company. On the weekend I saw the movie –  “The Social Network”. I also finished Jaron Lanier’s excellent book – You […]

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It’s not about the privacy

26 May 2010

The privacy concerns of the netizens of the world is probably the defining groundswell of 2010. And the 2 big players – Facebook & the big G – keep stumbling from one PR blunder into the next. As many commentators have said, the open nature of the Neb has landed society in completely new territory […]

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