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Google X logo

Above is the logo for Google’s innovation wing – Google X. The logo – known as “Solve for x” –  is essentally a challenge to the world by Sergey Brin and co.

Below is a solution I came up with:

Solved for Bitcoin

“x = B”

Now, if only Sergey and co. walked the walk…

Bitcoin represents a revolutionary genuine solution to a genuine problem that materially affects every person on earth. With Google’s backing bitcoin would be unstoppable.


Bitcoin Domain Sale

March 6, 2014

I always knew I was going to start some kind of Bitcoin venture, so over the months I’ve registered loads of Bitcoin Domains. I obviously can’t use them all myself, so now that I’ve narrowed down what I’m going to do, I have the following Bitcoin .com domains for sale:

BTCBRO.COM     $50





As you can see I’m not looking to make huge profits out of these sales – just recoup my costs mainly. And, as a continued believer in Bitcoin’s future I will gladly sell for Bitcoin. I will even give a discount for Bitcoin 🙂

Please contact me if you’re keen to discuss any of these.








Bitcoin Fantasy versus the Naked Dollar

13 January 2014

  The latest mainstream financial media effort to discredit Bitcoin landed on the cover of Bloosmberg Businessweek: Bitcoin and Unicorns. The message is clear – both are the fantastical products of magical thinking – neither to be taken seriously. Well whilst we’re on currency analogies – lets compare the US Dollar to The Emperor Wears […]

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6 November 2013

Back in March when I recommended investing in Bitcoin (at the time trading at $90) I highlighted how disruptive the digital currency could become, and how Central Bankers would fight back to protect their monopoly on issuing currency. Today Bitcoin is trading at $260 despite a very active smear campaign by various vested interest parties. The […]

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Bitcoin: The Next Step in the Evolution of Money

10 April 2013

Bitcoin is difficult to get your head around. But the general confusion invariably boils down to questions like “But what is it linked to?” and comments like: “It’s just too abstract”. Lets look at the abstraction part. If there is one process that has defined the evolution of money since the beginning of time, it […]

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Bitcoin: Political Ramifications

1 April 2013

If and when Bitcoin becomes a mainstream issue, it is going to undoubtedly throw a cat amongst the political pigeons… and doves… and hawks. To show what I’m saying I’m going to use the excellent Nolan Chart depicting the different streams in US political thought as plotted against the axes of “Belief in Personal Freedom” […]

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Bitcoin: Prepare for the next Revolution

30 March 2013

If you haven’t heard about Bitcoin yet – the new “opensource” digital currency – brace yourself, because you’re gonna! The actual mechanics of Bitcoin are fairly technical to grasp at first but explaining them is not within the scope of this, my first article on the matter. Lots has been written elsewhere and there is […]

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