My primary contribution to the Internet is the 2000+ free photos I’ve exhibited on my Flickr Account . I make no money whatsoever from my photography. My photos are licensed under Creative Commons and are free to use and download in all sizes (providing that I receive an Attribution link). Companies big and small all over the world have freely used my pics. If you feel that you have benefited from these free pics in any way, please consider a small donation.






Chris Preen - Photographer

  • I spend my hours every week on photography. Hours that would otherwise be spent on income-generating projects. Yes, this is by choice, but there is definitely a financial trade-off. One of the things that takes time is tagging all my better pics so that people searching for Creative Commons pics can find them easier.
  • Photography equipment is expensive. Especially when paying in South African Rands. ALL donations received will be used strictly for photography equipment purchases.
  • One of the reasons I need good equipment (like Fast lenses) is because – as fate would have it – I suffer from the worst condition a photographer could ever suffer from – shaky hands. Thinking that I might have contracted early-onset Parkinsons, I consulted a Neurologist a few years ago and was diagnosed with Essential Family Tremor – a hereditary condition.
  • I really believe in the ethos of Creative Commons licensing. It goes with the collaborative spirit of open-source web development which has given us all so much. By receiving donations I will always be able to leave all my pics free for others to use. If I were to start selling my pics this would have to reverse 🙁
  • Although I’ve had opportunities to charge for my photography I have not been prepared to compromise my 100% pure creative freedom, and I’m hoping that with a few small donations here and there I can keep it that way forever.

I’m thinking of starting a new page on this blog titled “Micro Sponsors“.  If you make a small donation and wish to be included on this page with a link to your site,  I’d be very happy to oblige.

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