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On Work : Nietzsche

December 16, 2014

Work Ethic - Nietzsche


Behind the glorification of ‘work’ and the tireless talk of the ‘blessings of work’…   …At bottom, one now feels when confronted with work – and what is invariably meant is relentless industry from early till late – that such work is the best police, that it keeps everybody in harness and powerfully obstructs the development of reason, of covetousness, of the desire for independence. For it uses up a tremendous amount of nervous energy and takes it away from reflection, brooding, dreaming, worry, love, and hatred; it always sets a small goal before one’s eyes and permits easy and regular satisfactions. In that way a society in which the members continually work hard will have more security: and security is now adored as the supreme goddess…”

— Friedrich Nietzsche, The Dawn

See Here for what Wikipedia has on the subversive “Anti Work” movement 






Tao te Ching Snippets

April 11, 2014

the Tao

Of all the great spiritual literature, my personal favorite is the 2500 year old Tao te Ching or Book of The Way.  It is a short treatise, and unlike some other religious tomes like the Bible, can be read in one sitting (set a an hour or 2 aside one afternoon).

I discovered the Tao te Ching about 13 years ago, and although lots of things have come and gone in that time, no matter where I am at in my life, when I dip into the great book every year or so, it speaks with perfect sense.

Here is a snippet from section 30.

The Master does his job
and then stops.
(S)he understands that the universe
is forever out of control,
and that trying to dominate events
goes against the current of the Tao.
Because he believes in himself,
he doesn’t try to convince others.
Because she is content with herself
she doesn’t need others approval.
Because he accepts himself,
the whole world accepts him.

 ~ The Tao te Ching – Lao Tse (Stephen Mitchell translation)





NET PROPHET 2013 – my thoughts

30 May 2013

Yeah, yeah I know – Cape Town’s 2013 Net Prophet event was 7 days ago already – ancient history on the interwebs. So if you’re wanting cutting-edge (kneejerk?) as-it-happens tweets then this article isn’t for you.  Personally I still like things to bounce around and digest in my mind for more insightful opinions to emerge. […]

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Voluntary Ignorance

21 September 2012
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Sage Advice

16 November 2011
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