On Work : Nietzsche

December 16, 2014

Work Ethic - Nietzsche


Behind the glorification of ‘work’ and the tireless talk of the ‘blessings of work’…   …At bottom, one now feels when confronted with work – and what is invariably meant is relentless industry from early till late – that such work is the best police, that it keeps everybody in harness and powerfully obstructs the development of reason, of covetousness, of the desire for independence. For it uses up a tremendous amount of nervous energy and takes it away from reflection, brooding, dreaming, worry, love, and hatred; it always sets a small goal before one’s eyes and permits easy and regular satisfactions. In that way a society in which the members continually work hard will have more security: and security is now adored as the supreme goddess…”

— Friedrich Nietzsche, The Dawn

See Here for what Wikipedia has on the subversive “Anti Work” movement 





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