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Africa Burn – Old pics

April 19, 2013

Africa Burn pics 1With Afrikaburn 2013 starting in less than a week I thought I’d post some of my old Afrikaburn Pics – specifically my 2011 pics as last year I was in Motorbike mode, not photography mode. After 4 years on the trot, I wont be going to Afrikaburn this year. I’m goin to Kgalagadi to see some other wildlife.

Afrika Burn pics 2

But do be sure to check out my 2011 Afrikaburn pics set – its had 970+ views, which isn’t social-media shattering, but I’m happy with it… 🙂

Afreika Burn pics 3



africa burn 2012

As usual there is just so much to say about the AfrikaBurn festival in the Karoo, that starting is daunting. So I thought I’d just relate a little experience I had on day 5 (sunday). This year I rode up to Afrikaburn on my motorbike and registered it with the Department of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) .

When it comes to other bikers, bikers are a friendly lot, so it wasnt surprising that when 3 large offroad bikes arrived on Sunday (the night after the Burn), the one guy came up to me.  He was from Pretoria with his other two mates and they were just on their way biking through the Karoo, escaping city life, when they came past the AfrikaBurn turn-off sign. They’d never heard of Afrikaburn. However he had experienced a bad fall on his bike a few hours previously and they needed a place to stay for the night, so they followed the Afrikaburn sign.  Although there was a strict No Ticket – No Entry policy in force this year, the good folks at the gate of the camp must have made an exception given that it was day 5, and the guy had had his fall.

After pitching their 3 little one-man tents the three conservative (and unsuspecting)  bikers had wandered up to the Binnekring. Needless to say they were resoundedly accosted by the most freakish sights and sounds available in the world at that particular time, and by the time I ran into my biker friend his eyes were glazed; smile and frown involved in a heated battle with each other. He related their whole experience to me, starting with the motorbike accident and saying: ” Jislaaik, I’m not sure if this is all real or if I’ve arrived in the afterlife after my accident…. and if it is indeed the Afterlife, I’m not sure if it is heaven or it is hell.”


You can see my post from last year’s Afrikaburn here and here (this is my 4th Afrika Burn and I’m already scheming up ideas for the next one. C U there!)


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Signals & the lack thereof

23 May 2011

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Afrikaburn 2011

6 May 2011

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