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Larry Page in the driving seat?

21 January 2011

This is the pic Google’s PR department (PR standing here for Public Relations not Page Rank) chose for Google’s official blog announcement today that  Larry Page will be taking over as CEO. Like all things Google, this pic wasn’t just a serendipitious snap shot – No, it was very cleverly calculated.  The whole photoshoot was […]

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Google SERP evolution – Attack or Defense?

19 November 2010

I’ve been watching Google’s creeping monetisation of their Search Result Page ever since the beginning. It seems hard to remember that when they started out, Page and Brin, like any good-natured geeks, were actually anti-advertising. Here’s a statement they issued in the first years: “We expect advertising-funded search engines to be biased towards advertisers and […]

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A case for Wolfram Aplha

1 November 2010

31 709 days?? 86 years?? 50 days! (and some other very useful info…)

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Google Self-driving cars – Translated

11 October 2010

You’ve probably heard by now that Google has made a lot of headway in an (up-’til-now) stealth project on creating self driving cars. You can read the official Google blog post here. Naturally, what you will read at Google’s official blog is the PR department sanctioned version. I wrote some time ago about how much […]

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The sneaky misleadings of the Google Adwords Preview Tool

17 August 2010

This sucks! I’ve shelled out over half a million bucks on Google Adwords in the past 5 years.  In the past year I’ve watched as more and more of the Google Places (previously Google Maps) local business results are hogging the prime real estate of the SERP page. Since the introduction of the little map […]

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The Google Algorithm – Sublime parody!

17 July 2010

I’ve already tweeted this but it is so good that I think it deserves a quick blog post too. I’ve done a lot of Google-Bashing in the past months, but must give credit where it is due. So here goes: Step 1: Read this excellent  article from the New York Times in its entirety. It’s […]

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What are Google’s ultimate plans with street view?

3 July 2010

Something doesn’t add up. The Google Street View project has caused Google more PR damage than any of their other projects. There are presently investigations in Europe, Australia, Canada and Hong Kong. In addition more than 30 US state attorneys general have launched their own probes. As law professor Eric Goldman says:  “This is the […]

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It’s not about the privacy

26 May 2010

The privacy concerns of the netizens of the world is probably the defining groundswell of 2010. And the 2 big players – Facebook & the big G – keep stumbling from one PR blunder into the next. As many commentators have said, the open nature of the Neb has landed society in completely new territory […]

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Engineering versus Art – did Google get it wrong?

13 May 2010

More than a year ago, Google’s (then) lead visual designer – Douglas Bowman – resigned from Google after frustration with their decision process on design. Yes, I know that was a long time ago, but I’ve often thought about it since then, and the time has come to post about it. What interested me specifically […]

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In Defence of Apple’s Walled garden

15 April 2010

The “open-source” versus “closed-propriety” clash is not a new one.  On a personal level I’d certainly describe myself as an open-source advocate. I’m a zealous Mozilla convert and Firefox and Thunderbird is where 90% of my working day happens. Just about all the other software I use is open source too.  But its starting to […]

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