My iphone apps – Part 1

January 17, 2011

My iphone Apps

I’m a sucker for apps. As of right now I have 54 apps on my iPhone 4. So its time to review them. Screen 1 will be part 1 – then I’ll do screen 2, 3 and 4 as separate parts. (I’m not reviewing the standard iphone utilities eg camera, calendar etc).

Great effects for photos and lots of fun. But now that I’m getting more and more photo effect apps, I prefer the ones where you can take the pic once and then sample different effects on the original. Hipstamatic makes you select the effect first and then shoot. Big Pity.

I’ve always loved taking candid photos of unsuspecting people. Not always easy. But this app allows you to set the camera so it automatically takes a pic every 10 seconds. You can then hold the camera out, play with it at all sorts of angles and you’ll be getting the shots!

I’ve long admired the Gorillapod and this is bought free by the same company. The only reason I use it is because you can set it to make any part of the screen clickable for the camera shutter. Something severly missing on the iPhone native app. Other than that I think the native app is quite sufficient.

This app puts a cool filter on your video shoots.  I’ve always loved video effects – some of my fav movies are Scanner Darkly and Waking Life. Very, very happy with this one.

This app is what Hipstamatic should be:  a box full of effects that you can apply “after the fact” to any pic on your camera roll. Good, but I’m on the lookout for more filters like this…

A winner! Love it!

The Remember The Milk task manger application. Superb! I’ve said it before – this is hands down the best To Do manager on the whole wide web.

My next best cloud service. Now that Delicious is wobbling I’m even using it for my bookmarking. With this app and an iPhone you can seriously finally go paperless – its working for me. This App mutiplies the effectiveness of an iPhone tenfold – one day I’m gonna write “Zen and the iPhone Way of Life” 🙂

This ones compulsory. Get a lot of use out of the the Google Reader functionality – great for skimming through your RSS headlines and starring those that you want to read later.

Another patch-up for a severely lacking function in the native iPhone. This app tells you when your phone is on silent (something I tend to forget). It’s not well designed – pretty clunky – but the best I could find for the purpose.

Really cool. Out at night fumbling for keys or sumtin’ ? Hit the switch and you’ve got a powerful little torch courtesy of the iPhone4 ‘s camera flash.

...and on the permanent Bar:

A specialist input app for Evernote text notes. The fastest way between you and the cloud! I use it all day.

I’m a bit of an idea-factory and the best of ideas often hit me at the weirdest of times (like when I’m driving). Simple – just do a voice memo. The reason I use this one rather than the native recorder App is that you can set it so it starts recording after a shake. Better than fumbling for the record button when you’re cruising down the highway at 120 clicks…


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